here is my collection of live and unreleased music on cdr. all these recordings were
traded or taped by myself.

this is a labor of love and i do not sell anything. don't ask.

before asking for a trade, please see rules. they are pretty basic.

i am mostly interested in freejazz recordings. artists like arthur doyle, sun ra, art
ensemble of chicago, cecil taylor, john medeski, any of the recent freaky jazz stuff
in nyc, albert ayler, sam rivers and many others...

also really interested in getting recordings on cdr of out of print vinyl albums. lots
of classics out there that have never been rereleased on cd.

folks i have traded with:

harmut geerken, sun ra played in his living room
igor danilishen, cecil taylor freak extra ordinaire and fellow cat intelligence researcher
rick lopez, owner of the amazing disco page for many free jazz artists
heinrich smejkal in austria (taping this stuff since the 70's!)
chris trent, wrote disco. on sun ra
chris carville, free jazz freek
jack lefton, big ornette fanatic
hannes schneider, taper and cecil fanatic
jan strom, record label owner, ayler records
jan carlsson, swedish drumming and free jazz freek
many others also, just not as recently.

ask for emails of these guys for references...

bad trader:

hugo rodriguez

email: (most recently)

web address:

H. Daniel Rodríguez
Florencio Sánchez 569
Minas-Lavalleja C.P. 30000
Uruguay - América del Sur

he is a big ramones trader.

sent him cdrs, he never sent me my requests, full of excuses, never returns emails, etc...

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