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updated on 3/17/05
ctu st. paul de vence 7/28/69 92:57/au-/8.6
ctu nyc 11/4/73 55:46/au-/8.8
ct3 antibes 7/25/75 47:00/sb?/8.5
ctu gubbio 7/30/75 51:28au-/8.2
solo antibes 7/24/76 69:27/au-/8.8
solo ravenna 7/31/76 65:32/au-/8.6
solo paris 6/11/76 (8.5) filled with solo moers 6/4/76 (8.9) 54:41total
solo berlin 6/3/77 59:31/au-/8.0
ctu amsterdam 6/18/77 low levels 157:42/au-/8.7
ctu unknown germany (?) --/--/77 93:40/fm-/8.8
ctu oakland 10/17/87 138:30/au-/9.3
ct3 corona berlin 11/3/89 129:35/au-/9.3
ct3 corona berlin 11/4/89 II 57:45/au-/9.3
studio japan --/--/92 71:38/sb-/9.7
solo oriza 12/8/95 74:12/au-/9.0
ctu oriza 12/9/95 93:12/au-/9.1
ct/to duo portugal 2/17/04 76:35/fm-/9.7
ct/to duo saalfelden 8/28/04 68:15/auM/9.3

updated on 3/11/05

moma, nyc 2/18/72 94:30/au-/8.0
lush life 1/5/82 68:23/au-/8.9
lush life 1/6, 9/82 139:10/au-/8.9
lush life 1/7/82 78:52/au-/9.0
de singel, antwerpen 4/17/86 94:05/au-/9.0
solo providence, ri 2/15/87 93:22/au-/9.0 (+encores on 11/17/88)
c.t./bennick duo congresshalle, berlin 7/10/88 120:51/au1>cdr/9.0
c.t./bennick duo congresshalle, berlin 7/10/88 47:00/au-/9.2 different source i am pretty sure
ct3 (wp, to) caravan of dreams, fort worth, tx 11/17/88 38:04/au-/9.1
ct3 (wp, to) caravan of dreams, fort worth, tx 11/18/88 89:44/au-/9.1
ct3 (wp, to) caravan of dreams, fort worth, tx 11/19/88 112:34/au-/8.8 filler is encores of 2/15/87
ct3 (wp, to) blues alley, wash. d.c. 1/25/89 56:35/au-/8.8
ct3 central park, nyc 69:27/datM>cdr/9.5
ct3 (jk, albie) iridium, nyc 2/17/05 104:35/datM>cdr/9.3

last updated on 6/27/04

lush life, nyc 12/19/8155:20/au-/ DAO
knitting factory 2/6/88 137:423/auM/ DAO

jordan hall, boston (ct solo set ~30 min, filler is lacy, et al... 10/24/03 62:17/datM/ DAO
iridium, nyc (w/ orchestra) 3/24/04 150:27/datM/9.0 DAO
iridium, nyc (w/ orchestra) 3/28/04 129:32/datM/9.0 DAO
the following note has been asked to be included on the iridium 3/24, 28/04 by the taper:
"recorded by allsoundz": sonic studio mics(mounted on eyeglasses)>sony pcm-m1

last updated on 5/15/04

munich 7/84 on video disc! GREAT!
9/30/95 on video disc!
milano, italy 10/26/69 49:50/au-/7.4 DAO
wollman, nyc hisssss 1/--/74 76:03/au-/7.5 DAO
munich, g 6/15/77 139:20/au-/8.8 DAO
hilversum, nl 5/26/78 69:41/au-/8.8 DAO
basel, ch au/1>cdr --/--/78 134:58/au1/8.8 DAO
kummbwa jazz center, santa cruz 12/3/79 133:42/sb-/9.7 DAO
kummbwa jazz center, santa cruz 10/12/87 70:14/au-/9.0 DAO
sardegna, italy 9/6/03 65:15/fm-/9.8 DAO

knitting factory, nyc 4/27/88 92:32/au-/9.2. DAO

middleheim 8/11/95 69:07/fmM/9.8 DAO

columbia univ. steps, nyc 6/4/00 133:47/datm/9.5 DAO
(above has filler of david ware 4tet set, same gig)

moosham, lungau, austria 8/20/76 66:16/auM/8.2 DAO
moosham, lungau, austria 8/21/76 33:16/auM/8.7 DAO
moosham, lungau, austria 8/22/76 ~280/auM/8.7 DAO
amsterdam 8/10/90 79:33/au-/9.0 DAO
amsterdam 8/11/90 75:52/au-/9.3 DAO
amsterdam 8/12/90 47:12/au-/9.0 DAO
istanbul, turkey 10/17/92 84:49/au-/9.3 DAO
tmm, berlin 11/2/02 65:46/auM/9.1 DAO
munich, germany 7/1/03 66:08/auM/9.0 DAO
tmm, berlin 11/7/03 70:37/auM/9.3 DAO

oberlin college, oh solo 3/6/97 au1>cdr 98:24/au1/8.8 DAO
marian mcpartland's jazz on npr with cecil taylor 58:32/fm-/9.8 DAO
does anyone know the date on this?

"Complete Candid Recordings Of Cecil Taylor And Buell Neidlinger":
oop box set from NYC:
1/10/61, 1/10/61, 1/9 & 10/61, 10/12 & 13/60 240/sb-/9.9 DAO
stockholm 4tet 11/--/62 7/fm-fm/8.0 DAO
stockholm 4tet w/ ayler 11/16/62 22/fm-/8.3 DAO
stuttgart 4tet 10/16/66 45/fm-/8.1 DAO
rotterdam solo 7/1/67 59/fm-/8.4 DAO
italy "praxis" oop lp>cdr 7/--/68 76/lp>/9.3 DAO
antioch, oh unit 1/18/69 67:38/au?/8.3 DAO
grinnel college 2/8/69 150/sb-/8.5 DAO source is l.o.c. reel

st. paul de vence, f 7/29/69 41/sb-/9.5 DAO
("foundation maeght nights" disc 1)
london bbc tv 11/02/69 10/tv-/8 DAO
paris "unauthorized" oop/lp 11/3/69 45/sb-/9.5 DAO
berlin 11/06/69 46/sb-/8 DAO
rotterdam, nl 11/09/69 60/sb-/8 DAO
stuttgart, germany 11/10/69 78/sb-/8 DAO
town hall, nyc solo from reel with announcements 7/24/71 53:45/fm-/8.6 DAO
town hall, nyc solo 7/24/71 53/fm-/9.0 DAO

tokyo 5/29/73 31/sb-/ DAO
(note with above: "japan73 has been actually attached
to Akisakila 2 on Konex, only it sounds like shit there, has audible
defects. The one I'm sending you is clean. It's a short but great
performance!" )
town hall, nyc 4tet and solo 11/4/73 (55:40 and 36:44) 92/au-/8.9 DAO
willisau 8/30/75 unit (46:39 and 43:15) 90/au-/8.3 DAO
alassio jazz fest, italy unit 9/6/75 (47:41, 38:57) 86/au-/8.6 DAO
berlin 11/6/75 unit (47:41, 34:45) 83/fm-/8.9 DAO

foxhole cafe, phila. --/--/75 47/au-/ DAO
village gate, nyc --/--/75 43/au-/ DAO

ann arbor, mi fm/2>cdr 4/15/76 45/fm2/9 DAO
rotterdam, nl unit 6/20/76 75:26/fm-/9.1 DAO
hamburg 6/30/76 unit (70:15, 44:49, 57:30) 169/fm-/8.9 DAO
schlob moosham 8/20/76 part 1 solo (same as air above but 15' longer) 59:59/au-/8.5 DAO
schlob moosham 8/20/76 solo (same as air above CD part 2) 32:38/au-/8.5 DAO

village gate, nyc 12/11/76 168:37/au-/8.3 DAO
kirchgarten, g 6/3/78 51/lp-/9.7 DAO
above: "live in the black forest" oop lp>cdr
kirchgarten 6tet (diff. than "black forest") 6/3/78 63/fm-/9.8 DAO
wkcr-fm, nyc fm/2>cdr 3/15/79 70/fm2/8.5 DAO
koln, g solo 12/1/79 (might be 12/77) 108:03/fm>?>cdr/9.2 DAO
koln, g w 6/10/78 56/fm-/9.4 DAO
villengen, g 9/14/80 47/lp-/9.4 DAO
blues alley, wash. d.c. au/M>cdr 12/20/80 142/auM/8.5 DAO
saalfelden, austria 9/4/83 83/fm-/9.0 DAO
above: "fly! fly! fly! fly! fly!" oop lp>cdr
paris 11/6/81 50/fm/9 DAO
"no pasaran" 8/27/83 oop lp 78/lpM/9.9 DAO
rubingen, switzerland 10/20/84 89/fm-/8.2 DAO
montreal 6/28/85 53/fm-/9.2 DAO
berlin solo (distant sound)4/9/86 47:02/auM>cdr/8.5 DAO
berlin unit 4/11/86 175:08/auM>cdr/9.0 DAO
berlin orchestra 4/13/86 63:47/auM>cdr/9.0 DAO

charlottesville, nc solo auM>cdr 11/2/86 113/auM/8.4 DAO
sweet basil, nyc 2/24/89 89/au-/8.9 DAO
cambridge, ma solo 3/2/89 auM>cdr 72/auM/8.3 DAO
stockholm 5tet 9/9/91 55/fm1/ DAO
hamburg 5tet 10/16/91 72/fm-/9.5 DAO
nickelsdorf, germ w/ c. gayle 7/18/93 70/au-/8.0 DAO
yoshi's, oakland 1/26/95 (74:42, 52:42) 127/sbM/9.8 DAO
yoshi's, oakland 1/27/95 79:59/sbM/9.6 DAO
yoshi's, oakland 1/29/95
62:44/sbM/9.8 DAO
yoshi's, oakland 1/30/95 (58:11, 51:15) 110/sbM/9.9 DAO

frankfurt, g 9/30/95 duo with thurman barker 71/fm-/9.9 DAO
oberlin college, oh 3/6/97 solo au/1>cdr 98/au/1/9.0 DAO
cooler, nyc trio 10/3/97 96:04/au>?>/8.9 DAO
stockholm 5tet 10/31/97 50/fm1/ DAO
stockholm solo 11/1/97 68/fm1/ DAO
yoshi's, oakland 12/4/98 (61:06, 65:22) 126/sbM/9.9 DAO
yoshi's, oakland 12/5/98 100/sb-/10 DAO
yoshi's, oakland 12/6/98 170/sb-/10 DAO

london duo with max roach upgrade 1/24/99 49/fm-/9.7 DAO
hamburg solo 3/31/99 46/fm-/9.9 DAO
hamburg 5tet 3/31/99 71/fm-/9.9 DAO

culver city, ca solo au/m>cdr 2nd set 4/20/99 37:09/aum/8.2 DAO
minn., mn au1>cdr 2/19/00 96/au1/8 DAO
rollins c, florida solo 6/2/00 66/au-/9.5 DAO
turtle bay music school, nyc ensemble masterclass concert au/m>cdr 2/24/01 74:26/auM/74:26 DAO
turtle bay music school, nyc trio gig au/m>cdr 66:40/auM/9.4 DAO

colorado springs, co 11/11/01 81/au-/9.4 DAO
rome, i solo 5/16/02 55:32/fm>?>cdr/9.8 DAO

paris solo 3/3/02 57:16/fm-/9.9 DAO
knitting factory, nyc 23 piece! early show 6/20/02 120/datM/9.7 DAO

sardinia, italy fm/master>cdr 9/7/03 85/fm/9.9 DAO

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