red indicates new stuff, blue indicates my masters

updates as of 3/17
red garter --/--/70 85:43/au-/8.5
paris 8/3/70 35:08/fm-/7.0
berlin 11/7/70 24:53/au-/
arhus, dk 10/9/71 86:40/au-/8.2
squat th., nyc 2/5/80 56:32/au-/8.8
squat th., nyc interview 2/5/80 34:06/au-/8.0
nijmegen, nl 3/1/80 79:57/au-/8.8
old waldorf, sf 4/4/81 239:04/au-/8.6
berkeley, ca 11/3/81 130/au-/8.5
usa 12/4/81 42:58/sb-/8.3
pension bldg, d.c. 1/23/82 165:07/au-/8.4
berkeley, ca 10/11/84 149:27/au-/8.6
mabuhey, sf 12/5/85 94:24/au-/8.9

buffalo, ny 11/5/78 90:10/au-/7.2 DAO
bayou, wash. d.c. 5/10/79 168:07/au-/8.7 DAO
"cosmo mystery tape" --/--/78 59:51/fm-/8.4 DAO

rome 3/28/80 111:42/fm-/9.6 DAO
north sea jazz fest, den haag, nl 93:18/au-/8.8 DAO
royal northern college of music, manchester, uk 181:06/au-/8.9 DAO

(all are DAO)

electric circus, nyc 3/--/68 127:39/au-/8.0 dao
(above has included filler of newport 69, same qual)

st. paul de vence, f 08/05/70 85/sb-/9.5 DAO
(cdr of out of print shandar release)
london 11/09/70 120/au-/7 DAO
stockholm 10/12/71 65/fm-/8 DAO
paris 11/29/71 ~54/au-/8.4 DAO
(above has filler 2/3/80 part II ~20/au1/9.0 DAO
copenhagen, dk 12/5/71 60/fm/9.5 DAO
(above is same as "calling planet earth")
balloon th, cairo 12/17/71 ~90/au1/7.4 dao
(above is geerken’s m.r.>tape>cdr, longer show)
j.p. widney h.s., l.a. 1971 114:56/au-/8.3
(above has filler 12/28/80 part 4)

reh. with wilbur ware --/--/73 15/sb-/9 DAO
santa cruz, ca 12/11/74 115:27/sb?/8.6 dao
smiling dog, chicago 1/30/75 62/au-/7.5

jordan hall, boston 12/--/75 92:59/auM/8.6 DAO
chateauvallon, france 08/25/76 160/au-/7.5 DAO
silver springs, md 3/18/77 153:55/au-/8.7 dao

smuckers, nyc 4/17/77 57/au-/7.9 DAO
wkcr, nyc solo 7/8/77 (has 6/22/87 filler) ~40/fm-/8.4 dao
toronto au2->cdr 03/01/78 90/au2/8 DAO
public th. nyc fm2->cdr part 1 05/05/78 65/fm2/8.5 DAO
chicago hissssss 9/25/78 90/sb?/8.0 DAO
wash. d.c. 11/03/78 215/au-/7.5 DAO
berkeley, ca 11/24/78 40/fm-/8 DAO

u.c. berkeley, ca11/21/78 90:14/auM/8.2 DAO
jordan hall, boston 11/--/78 51:53/auM/8.8 DAO
portland, or 11/27/78 45/sb-/9.1 DAO
symphony space, nyc 12/30/78 54:15/au-/8.8 DAO
new orleans, s.s. pres. auM>cdr 05/04/79 66/auM/8 DAO
new orleans 05/06/79 45/au-/8
moer's, germany 06/01/79 45/au-/8.5 DAO
moer's, germany 06/04/79 120/au-/8.5 DAO
baltimore, md au1->cdr 06/17/79 90/au1/8.5 DAO
univ. of mich auM>cdr 9/28/79 114/auM/8 DAO
soundscape, nyc (5 discs!!!) 11/24/79 315/au-/9
haverford, pa solo synth 1/25/80 33/fmM/ DAO
baltimore, md au1>cdr 02/03/80 81/au1/8 DAO
(above show not complete but all i have)
bourg-la-reine, france 2/29/80 64/fm-/9.5 DAO
montreaux 07/--/80 85/fm-/7.5
(above not in campbell!)
old waldorf, s.f. 10/11/80 85:26/au1/9.1 DAO
detroit, mi great! 12/--/80 145/au-/9
detroit, mi 12/28/80 300/sb-/8.5 DAO
(above has some nasty cuts-on master tapes but amazing show.)

whitney th., nyc 01/07/81 60/fm-/8 DAO
myron's ballroom, l.a., ca 4/2/81 183:15/au-/8.9 DAO
d.c. space, wash. d.c. 5/29/81 109:21/au-/8.6 DAO
new orleans auM>cdr 05/02/81 45/auM/8.5 DAO
solo piano 10/29/81 38:08/au?/8.6 DAO
squat th., nyc 10/31/81 90/au-/9 DAO
old waldorf, s.f. au1>cdr 11/20/81 190/au1/8.5 DAO
mannheim, germany 6/24/82 200/au-/8.5
den haag, nl 7/17/82 94:58/au-/8.8 DAO
manchester, uk 7/29/82 181:06/auM/8.9 DAO
wash. d.c. 11/06/82 90/au-/9 DAO
berlin all stars 10/29/83 56/fm-/9.5 DAO
(above show with sun ra, d. cherry, a. shepp, others)
athens greece "praxis 84" 02/27/84 130/sb-/10 DAO
chicago jazz fest 09/01/84 70/fm-/9.5
(above show w/ p.cosey! also fm/1>cdr, also some aud source at end)
sleeping lady, fairfax, va --/--/84 112:40/auM/8.4 DAO
lisbon, port 08/01/85 120/fm-/9 DAO
frankfurt 10/29/85 148/fm-/9.5 DAO
munich 10/31/85 120/sb/9.5 DAO
"rare celestial road" VARIOUS 52/sb?/9 DAO
(above is philly 87 and rome 78, no exact dates)
radio bremen, germany 6/24/86 49/fm-/10 DAO
east berlin, eg disc#1 6/28/86 47/fm?/9 DAO
east berlin, eg disc#2 6/28/86 43/fm?/8 DAO
(6/28/86 is longer than A "Night In East Berlin" release)
"rare celestial road" VARIOUS 52/sb?/9 DAO
san juan capistrano, ca sb1>cdr 9/23/86 130/sb1/9.5 DAO
kiel, germany 12/05/86 120/au-/7.5 DAO
philly 1/22/87 73:26/fm-/9.3 dao
santa cruz sb1>cdr 05/10/87 180/sb1/9 DAO

weill hall, nyc solo 6/22/87 (has 7/8/77 filler) ~30/fm-/8.0 dao
bremerhaven, g 06/03/88 65/au-/
grant park, chicago au/1>cdr 09/03/88 80/au1/7.5
portland, or au/m>cdr 10/28/88 144/auM/9.3 DAO
santa cruz sbM>cdr 10/30/88 180/sbM/9.5 DAO
knitting factory (7/3?) --/--/88 69/au-/8.5 DAO
santa cruz, ca auM>cdr 04/09/89 180/auM/9 DAO
santa cruz sb/au-mixM>cdr 05/05/90 120/saM/9.5 DAO
storrs, ct fm>cdr 10/10/91 144/fm-/8.3 DAO
storrs, ct datfm>cdr 11/7/95 88/fmM/9.7 DAO
(above has some diginoise, also on fm master)
london 09/09/91 130/au-/7.5 DAO
berk., ca w/pharoah sanders! 11/3/91 130/au-/7 DAO
tubingen, g 12/10/91 130/au-/8 DAO
frankfurt, g (inc.) 03/26/92 64/au-/9 DAO
frankfurt, g disc#2 03/26/92 60/au-/6.5 DAO
(sound levels way too low! on part 2)
tuscaloosa, al --/--/92 30/au-/8.5 DAO
("From The Videos Calling Planet Earth/And Friends/The Magic Sun")
VARIOUS 76-87 europe-ask for details-mostly fm 200/VAR/mostly 9
"live at the gibus" 10/73 oop l/p>cdr 41/lpM/9.8 DAO

"astro black"
"some blues but not the kind that's blue"
"oblique parallax"
"discipline 27-II"
"night of the purple moon"
"unity" "horo" 86/sb-/9 DAO
"other voices, other blues" "horo" 77/sb-/9.5 DAO
"a fireside chat with lucifer" "saturn" 38/sb-/9 DAO
"antique blacks" "saturn" 42/sb-/8.5 DAO
"astro black" saturn 41/sb-/9.5 DAO
"of mythic worlds" saturn 41/sb-/9.5 DAO
"dance of innocent passion" saturn 44/sb-/9.5 DAO
"disco 3000" saturn 46/sb-/9.0 DAO
"horizon" lp>tape>cdr
"nidhamu" lp>tape>cdr
"aurora borealis" lp>tape>cdr
"on jupiter" lp>tape>cdr
"sub underground" lp>tape>cdr
"the soul vibrations of man" lp>tape>cdr
"space probe" lp>tape>cdr
"discipline 99" lp>tape>cdr
"monorails and satellites" lp>tape>cdr
"monorails and satellites 2" lp>tape>cdr
"secrets of the sun" lp>tape>cdr
"strange strings" lp>tape>cdr
"live at the gibus" lp>tape>cdr
"taking a chance on chances" lp>tape>cdr
"my brother the wind" lp>tape>cdr
"dark myth equation visitation" lp>tape>cdr
"omniverse" lp>tape>cdr
"i, pharoah" lp>tape>cdr
"continuation" lp>tape>cdr
"featuring pharoah sanders and black harold" lp>tape>cdr
"new steps" (horo), 2 discs, lp>tape>cdr
all the below are lp>analog tape>cdr
"universe in blue"
"hidden fire 1"
"hidden fire 2"
"somewhere over the rainbow"
"sound mirror"
"media dream" (missing two seconds)
"voice of the eternal tomorrow"
"beyond the purple star zone"
"god is more than love can ever be"
"sleeping beauty"
"stars that shine darkly 1"
"stars that shine darkly 2"
"children of the sun"
"ra to the rescue"
"whats new?" saturn from harmut!!! 45/lp1/8.8 DAO

“omniverse” saturn direct l.p>cdr 39:45/lpM/10.0 dao
“universe in blue” saturn direct l.p>cdr 35:02/lpM/9.4 dao
“sound mirror” saturn direct l.p>cdr 26:17/lpM/9.8 dao
“nidhamu” saturn direct l.p>cdr 36:41/lpM/9.8 dao

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